It is a non-equity investment and profit-sharing project matching program
Led by angel investment funds, paired with Hong Kong government funding, investment in Hong Kong enterprises and application of start-up solutions

The industry’s first, known as angel investment insurance product, providing angel investors with share repurchase guarantee structured financial instruments

BIGGS is included in the Investment Repurchase Guarantee Program

STAR was guaranteed by the Angel Investment Fund to repurchase shares by up to 50%.

Led by angel investment funds, paired with Hong Kong government funding, investment in Hong Kong enterprises and application of start-up solutions
Non-equity investment matching program with profit sharing project

Enterprise registration

The scheme can match each business with an investment of up to nearly HK$40 million, and enterprises do not need to sell shares, and any unlisted company incorporated in Hong Kong is welcome to participate free of charge.

Start-up registration

Each prospective investment enterprise will solicit corporate growth proposals from the public that meet the different funding schemes of the Hong Kong Government, and the successful bidder will undertake the implementation plan funded by investors and the Government.

Actively push
Innovation and entrepreneurship venture capital
Integration of old and new economies

Support start-ups and encourage investment in innovation

Investment buyback guarantee program

The industry’s first scheme known as angel investment insurance, which provides angel investors with angel investment project share repurchase guarantees, allowing investors to manage risk.

Funding matching zero-interest loans

The loan helps to cover the advance required by the enterprise after successful application for government funding, with a loan amount of up to HK$1 million without interest.

Upfront Consultant Fee Subsidy Program

The Scheme subsidizes part or all of the upfront fees of the accredited advisor’s clients if the Angel Investment Fund Accredited Advisor is unable to obtain financing for the project within a specified period of time.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Funding Scheme


Funded by the Youth Development Fund of the HKSAR Government and jointly organised by the United Youth Association of Hong Kong and HKECIA, the 3-year Youth Entrepreneurship Subsidy Scheme will receive HK$600,000 in funding and loans for each funded youth project.

Angel Investment Fund Innovation and entrepreneurship incubation program


Funded by angel investment funds and executed by angel investment funds, it disrupts the innovative business incubation program, providing loans of up to HK$20 million to incubate the development of early-stage entrepreneurial projects.

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