Innovation and Entreprenership Financing Advisor

Our advantage

Backed by investor resources and clear investment orientation

We have a huge network of angel investors and investment institutions, and has a clear understanding of each investor’s investment orientation and conditions. Therefore, every project that seeks financing from us can design a set of financing through our financing consultants. Ensuring a comprehensive financing solution with investor participation.

Leverage investment bank-grade structured finance tools

The financing schemes we design for financing projects include structured financing tools that are usually only used in investment banks, such as: financial structure financing schemes with priority and inferiority, convertible bond financing schemes, development goal VAM investment schemes, and revenue sharing agreements Innovative financing schemes such as investment schemes.

Provide investment guarantee buyback to potential investors

Through the “Investment Guarantee Buyback Scheme” to provide investors in financing projects with project share buyback guarantees, when investors request to buyback shares after one year of investing in the project, we promise to arrange to buyback the project shares held by investors , the maximum buyback amount is 70% of the investment amount.

Provide interest-free loans to government-funded enterprises

We provides financial support and assists certified financing consultants to assist enterprises that apply for government funding. After the government approves the funding, the company needs to provide the same amount of funding as the government-approved funding through the Hong Kong money lender license agency. Loans that are not repaid until the business receives funding.

Fundamental Services

Value-added Services

Financing Layout Research

The financing consultant first conducts a one-time comprehensive research and evaluation for the entire business model, profit model, cost structure, supply chain and marketing strategy of the enterprise, and researches when seeking various free government subsidies, low-interest or even interest-free entrepreneurial loans, non-equity or equity Feasibility of financing, etc.

Ongoing Financing Advice

After completing the financing layout research, the consultant will put forward various specific financing suggestions, including possible financing methods, financing amounts, financing costs, etc., and will continue to make dynamic changes in response to the company’s different development and financial needs throughout the year and the introduction of various policies and appropriate advice.

Execution of financing plan

After the enterprise accepts the specific financing proposal put forward by the consultant, the consultant will implement the relevant plan, including applying for relevant subsidies or loans, designing non-equity or equity financing plans, using investment repurchase guarantee plans, arranging funding matching with interest-free loans and matching corresponding Investor participation.

Investor relationship
management & PR Services

Services include publishing financing project information on various venture capital circles or platforms in the Mainland, Hong Kong and overseas, responding to investor inquiries on behalf of the project; arranging investor meetings; sending representatives from the foundation to accompany the founders to participate in investor meetings; Discuss strategic cooperation with investors; provide professional advice on term sheets and negotiations with investors, and assist companies in reviewing and building financial reporting structures.

Global Development and Corporate Governance

Evaluate and advise on the business model, company capital and structure, and financial structure of the company, recommend appropriate corporate governance methods to support the establishment of the company’s development roadmap, conduct regional or global business expansion analysis and recommendations, and communicate with potential regional partners Business liaison and matching, regional and global corporate due diligence, providing access to international markets and industry penetration strategies.

Project and Founder Interview Video shooting

Shoot a series of interview programs for financing projects, share the company’s core advantages, growth experience, founder background, market development prospects and attractive points of financing plans, and release them in major media and venture capital circles to increase investors’ interest in the project attention and awareness.

What we guarantee?

Guarantee introduce investment

For the proposed equity or non-equity financing plan, investors are guaranteed to participate. Otherwise, the “Financing Advisory Funding Scheme” can be applied for the maximum full subsidy of the pre-paid consulting fees.

1 million standby loan

For each financing project, the foundation reserves HK$1 million to support the advance needs of the financing consultant after successfully applying for government funding for the enterprise through the “funding matching interest-free loan”.

Upto 30 million Buyback guarantee

After each financing project accepts the conditions of the “Investment Buyback Guarantee Scheme”, the fund will reserve up to HK$30 million as a share buyback guarantee for new investors of the financing project.

Accredited Financial Advisors