“Flash Forward” Acceleration Program is a 24-month entrepreneurial development and financing acceleration plan, organized by the Angel Investment Foundation and led by the Angel Investment Fund. The goal is to invest HK$100 million per year in 20 start-up projects included in the program. Each project can receive 5 million Hong Kong dollars in angel investment used to increase the number of customers, expand marketing and expansion channels, enhance popularity, project valuation and continuous financing capabilities.

10 steps to accelerate the start-up development



Restructure and enhance the development plan of the projects, devise effective diversifed financing strategies and execution plans.



Invest 5 million Hong Kong dollars for the mutual collaborated angel round projects.



Match 5 million Hong Kong dollars for government funding schemes.



Solicit marketing partners to accelerate excellent growth and gain atractions.



Demonstrate capable of achieving sustained growth over time from tens of millions of Hong Kong Dollars new revenues.



Insur to mitigate the risk of investors by executing gurantee buyback scheme up to 20 million Hong Kong dollars.



Train up pitch preentations and skills in maintaining successive investor relations.



Promote startup to get under the spotlight, increase visibility and attract new customers, partners, and investors.



Connect venture capitalists and angel investors through designated events and meetings.


Leading Investment

Support start-up by lead investment beyond 10 million Hong Kong dollars to bring up more follow investors and follow-on investment.

Application and selection process

1.Registration through the website (deadline on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st each year)
2.Preliminary selection will be conducted one week after the deadline, and shortlisted projects will participate in roadshow interviews;
3.Roadshow interviews will be held in January, April, July and October every year, generating the ranking of projects;
4.The program director will meet with the projects according to their rankings to discuss the investment offer and the arrangement of the accelerated plan;
5.Announcement of the results will be taken place in February, May, August and November every year;
6.The top three projects of the “Hong Kong Value Creation for Technology Pitching Competition” which are held in April and October each year, and the top three projects of the “Maker in China SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest ” which is held in September in Hong Kong can skip the selection process and directly become the selected projects for the acceleration program; these projects are eligible to meet with the program director to discuss the investment offer and acceleration program arrangement.

Participation fee

Program director will assess and make decisions based on project situation.


Any company which is founded and registered in Hong Kong less than 7 years ago.